About Us

Our methodology and how it benefits you

Collaborative Process
Work spaces are places of evolving activities and relationships. Space influences work. Design requires collaboration. Milder Office works jointly with its customers, offering both the Milder Furniture System and its knowledge and experience to collaborate with you.


We are process-driven and, based on how you choose to work, can act as designer, supplier, manufacturer or partner with you or your architect. Whether selecting items from the Milder Furniture System or collaboratively developing new office plans or products, Milder Office can help you create space around your work.

Re-configurable Modules
Workspaces are dynamic and evolving environments. They need to support flexibility: from remote workers and drop-in consultants to large and small teams and individuals in personal spaces. Workspaces, surfaces, storage areas, communications must be adaptable, mutable, and re-configurable.


The Milder Furniture System, with its distinctive set of integrated and compatible components, enables you to create space around your work

Personalized Systems 
Work styles vary. While one job requires privacy, others thrive on social interaction. A workspace must accommodate individual, unpredictable and changing work styles. Spaces and furniture must support different behaviors and types of work.


The Milder Furniture System embodies strategies for change, from storage systems that act as partitions to mobile units that move easily from desk to workstation. As institutions and “its” people evolve, the Milder System creates new spaces around their work. 

Smart Manufacturing
Milder Office works at the hub of a network of manufacturers and suppliers promoting a design-for-production philosophy that combines the economy of standardized modules, connections and details with the advantages of easy customization.


All products are built to order in New York and Pennsylvania using digital manufacturing technologies (CNC), creating a direct link between the design studio and factory. Assembly and installation require no adhesives or special tools. Designed for disassembly and retrofitting, Milder Office builds into its products the potential to create a smart space around your work.